Brazilian operators demonstrate 8k video streaming over 5G technology

Brazilian operators Claro and Net (both part of the América Móvil group), together with the Chinese company Huawei, are conducting the first live demonstration in the country of Ultra HD 8K video streaming over a 5G experimental network. Contents are provided by TV Globo.
For this initiative, work began in July this year, reaching a speed of 3.2Gbps and very low latency of 1ms, with 5G Huawei equipment over the 3.5GHz band. Test transmissions are available within the framework of Futurecom 2018.
The 3.5GHz band will be the first used for 5G in Brazil and will be the center of the tests of coexistence with TV services that use C-band satellite spectrum in that country, said Claro in a statement.
“We are investing significantly in the modernization and expansion of our network, with the development of the 4.5G,” said José Felix, president of the Claro Brasil group.
According to the executive, Brazilian regulator Anatel recently made official that it will use Claro’s CRT (Technological Reference Center), located on the island of Fundão, in Rio de Janeiro, for testing and approvals using 5G over 3.5 GHz. “This shows that we are taking concrete steps towards the next generation of mobile networks. And it could not be different, since Claro was always at the forefront of these developments in Brazil,” he added.

Claro and Net will participate in the next edition of NexTV Series Brazil, the leading conference on TV and OTT, to be held on November 28 and 29 in São Paulo. Marcelo Torii, Director of Marketing, Products and Financial Planning of Claro; Claudio Zylberman, Director of Engineering and Technology and Alessandro Maluf, director of Product Video at Net will be speakers at the event.