Brazilian Government changes football TV broadcasting rules

Brazilian Government announced changes in the rules to apply the rights to broadcast sports events. Through the Provisional Measure (PM) N ° 984 (2020), Jair Bolsonaro’s Government will make changes on Law N° 9.615 (1998), known as the ‘Pele Law’, which establishes that, in football events, both clubs should have agreements with the same company so that the match can be broadcast.

Through the new PM, the club that organizes each match (that is, the local team), will be able to “negotiate, authorize or ban the capture, broadcast, rebroadcast or reproduction of images, by any means or process, of the sporting event’. The announcement came into effect this last Thursday, June 18th, once the PM was published in the Diário Oficial da União, although it must be approved by Congress within 60 days for it to officially become a Law.

In case the PM becomes a Law in Brazil, the Globo Group, which has the largest number of TV rights agreements for current football matches, explained that ‘even if the PM is approved by the National Congress, it will not change the agreements already ran by the clubs for the rights to broadcast current or future competitions’. The company said it will continue to ‘regularly broadcast the championship matches it has acquired, in accordance with the agreements ran’, and will take legal action against any attempt to violate its acquired rights. In addition to Globo, Turner also has agreements with Brazilian football clubs for the broadcast of their matches.