Brazil moves towards against TV channels piracy

Last April 22nd, Brazilians National Film Agency (Ancine), National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) together with the Federal Police met with Carrefour supermarket network’s authorities to request that the company remove Android TV Box Tx2 STBs, which were offered through Carrefour’s loudspeakers in a store located in San Pablo, highlighting that the device makes it possible to unlock eight thousand TV channels.

According to UOL, the model offered by Carrefour would have the piracy service enabled, through a folder with illegal contents. Brazilian regulatory agencies reported that the supermarket network expressed itself on this topic and said that the device’s sale took place in an independent store, but in one of their headquarters. According to Anatel, Carrefour removed all pirated equipment from them and, in addition, will disclose to suppliers and manufacturers the guidelines received from the inspection bodies and the applicable legislation. Ancine said that a technical cooperation agreement has been defined with the supermarket network, with the aim of combating piracy.

During the audit activity developed in the Itapevi Municipality (San Pablo), as part of its Action Plan to Combat Piracy, Anatel inspected several products that did not have their certification and were being marketed. Anatel reported that 252 km of UTP cable, five thousand fiber connectors and 20 splitters (a network component used to divide the optical network) and other stuff  did not have their approval.