Brazil mitigates its pay TV subscribers drop and loses 55 thousand clients in April

The Brazilian National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) reported the final numbers for the country’s pay TV market in April, in which the sector recorded 15.32 million clients.

Although Brazil is still losing pay TV subscribers month by month, in April a decrease of 55 thousand customers was reported, the lowest number since December 2018. As a reference, Brazilian pay TV had lost 89 thousand subscribers in March, 90,700 in February and more 220 thousand in January.

According to the Anatel report, Claro was, once again, the operator with the highest lost, and ended April with 69 thousand less subscribers, of which 36 thousand clients were from DTH, and the remaining 33 thousand, from cable. With these data, Claro’s total DTH client base in April was 1.040 million clients, and cable’s recorded 6,462 million.

In the case of Sky, the operator managed to add 4,800 clients to its base in April, and ended the month with 4,559 million clients. However, Oi TV, which had been increasing its number of clients, lost 22,000 and ended the fourth month of 2020 with 1,494 million subscribers. Finally, Telefonica, whose operations in Brazil are known under the ‘Vivo’ brand, also lost subscribers in April. The company recorded 8,000 fewer clients at its base and ended the month with 1,273 million clients. The rest of the operators added, together, 40,000 clients, and had a total of 492 thousand subscribers.