Brazil authorizes 102 new digital channels in cities with analog signal

The Brazilian Ministry of Communications authorized the incorporation of 102 new digital channels for 84 cities in the states of Alagoas, Bahia, Pernambuco and Sergipe, which until now only had an analog signal. Within the framework of the “Digitaliza Brasil” initiative, the municipalities will be provided with the necessary infrastructure to transmit digitally, and a station will be opened that will enable the channels for the population.

So far, the project has managed to assign 319 channels in the area, and with the new phase of the program they will exceed 400. In addition, to ensure users quick and easy access to programming, the Ministry determined that the allocation process of the signals will be simplified, as it did with the 1140 channels that were enabled in the country.

Maximiliano Martinhão, Secretary of Broadcasting of the Brazilian Ministry of Communications, declared during the announcement of the new phase of the program: “Most of the cities today have a single station and a single channel. With “Digitaliza Brasil”, it will be possible to offer up to eight channels in superior quality, thus guaranteeing access to information for Brazilians”.