Boomplay to invest $1m in Kenya

During the music platform conference held in Nairobi, Martha Huro, the general manager of Boomplay announced that the company will capitalize on the Kenyan market by ingesting $1 million. 

“We know that finances are a major issue with artists and we cannot sit on the sidelines and not do something. So we are willing to invest in production and A&R.” said Martha Huro.

“I think it’s a good amount to start with, but artists need to be registered on the platform. We expect to see a change in the next 12 months. Our brand strategy is to strive and build an industry that we can be proud of in the near future.”

Huro said she was confident that the funding would “facilitate collaborations between Kenyan artists and other African acts across different regions and prompt the consistency of music releases in Kenya.”

“We never discriminate, so whether you are an established or upcoming artist, you are eligible. As long as your ideas, focus and vision make sense, then we sponsor you,” she said. “Artists are an integral part of our business and we delight in every opportunity we can create and get to educate and promote them. There is so much work to be done on our part and we hope that by way of education through forums like these, we are able to eventually get more Kenyans to play songs by more Kenyan artists,” she said.