Boomerang launches Brazilian series WeeBoom in Latin America

The pay TV channel Boomerang announced it will premiere the Brazilian series WeeBoom, a co-production between Turner and Split Studio developed especially for the channel, which will be broadcast this Friday, July 5th. 

The project will last 26 episodes of seven minutes each. The first 13 will be available throughout Latin America, in Portuguese and Spanish. WeBoom tells the story of two best friends who travel around the world trying to find magical creatures called ‘boomies’. According to what was officially reported by the company, the series was designed for children from four to seven years old.

WeeBoom is the second Brazilian co-production of Boomerang. The first one was called Zuzubalândia, an adaptation of the homonymous book, written by the author Mariana Caltabiano. The project’s direction is in charge of Jonas Brandão.