BON recommends the ban of analogue TV importation in Nigeria

The Broadcasting Organizations of Nigeria (BON) urged the Federal Government during a Central Working Committee to stop the importation of analogue television sets. According to BON, this measure will fast track the switch to digital broadcasting in Nigeria.

Sa’a Ibrahim, Chairperson of the Broadcasting Organizations of Nigeria declared that: “We call on Federal Government to ban the importation of analog TV sets into the country while the cost of set-top boxes should be made affordable. Also, the process of establishing the Society of Nigerian Broadcasters should begin immediately with a committee to work on modalities for it to begin”. 

“We call for a complete review of the digitization process specifically in the area of the legal framework as the only document available remains the government white paper of 2012”, added Ibrahim. 

To recall, Nigeria’s digital migration process is still ongoing and is expected to be completed in 2022.