Bolivia reached 600 thousand pay TV subscribers in 2018

According to the statistical report presented by Bolivian Telecommunications and Transport Regulation Authority (ATT),  pay TV market surpassed 600 thousand  subscribers in that country in 2018. Document also shows figures from mobile services, internet access and telephony.

AAT report records 633,793 Bolivian pay TV subscribers in December 2018. The largest number was in La Paz, which added 32.21% of pay TV market, seconded by Santa Cruz (31.18%), Cochabamba (13.11%), Tarija (6.79%), Oruro (6.19%), Potosí (4.83%), Beni (2.64%), Chuquisaca (2.26%) and Pando (0.79%).

The report did not show so many figures on pay TV market in December 2018 related with the number of subscribers in each Bolivian city, but figures from June 2018 showed that the largest number was in La Paz, which added 177,671 subscribers and Santa Cruz, with 175,465. Both together concentrated 64% of the country’s total market. Cochabamba recorded 69,439 subscribers (13% of the market); followed by Tarija, with 37,130 (7%); Oruro, with 34,304 (6%); Potosí reached 25,465 (5%); Beni recorded 15,555 (3%); Chuquisaca had 12,376 (2%), and Pando ended up with 4,519 (1%). 

Pay TV market has been growing in the last 10 years in Bolivia. As reported by AAT, in 2008 there were 165,666 subscribers. In 2011, it went up to  221,379. In 2015 the number increased by 344,700, and recorded  subscribers in December 2018, with 633.793. 

According to Dataxis 2018 last quarter information, Tigo Bolivia (Millicom) leads pay TV market in that country, and records 41.6% subscribers. It is seconded by Cotas, with 15%; Cotel, with 11.3%; followed by Entel Bolivia, with 10.2% and Comteco, with 6.2%. The remaining 15.6% belongs to other operators in the country.