Boca Juniors launches new channel on YouTube with football matches, news and automatic cameras

Argentine Club Atletico Boca Juniors has officially launched its new TV channel, available on the club’s official YouTube account. It is a new way of accessing Boca’s content for its fans, available from this last Monday, February 22nd.

‘We want to reach the fans and for the news to be announced in a serious way. Sports TV channels now spend so much time with Boca’s news. For this reason, we prefer to offer our communication ways at the service of the fan, so that they can listen to both the journalistic version on TV channels and the official version reported by Boca. That this channel was born today and that it grows is an achievement for everyone’, reported Mario Pergolini, Vice President at Boca Juniors. Regarding the sporting events that will be available on the channel, Pergolini explained that ‘we will have cameras that broadcast Reserve Football, FutSal, Female Football and all the sports activities that we can so that the club’s members and fans can access it’.

Regarding the Reserve, Female Football and Futsal broadcasts, Pergolini explained that they will be developed ‘with a system of cameras that we have just acquired, which are automatic, and take the entire broadcast.” When delving into this technological development, the Boca Juniors leader explained that, although the cameras take over the entire football pitch, what the viewer watches ‘becomes sectorized’. According to Pergolini’s words, the cameras take the entire football pitch, but the switcher allows to watch certain parts or angles of the field.

In addition, before the launch of the new channel, the sports leader had reported that they had been working on building two TV studios for the channel. One of them located in the Alberto J. Armando stadium – better known as ‘La Bombonera’ -, where Boca Juniors plays its local matches; and another in the training center located in Ezeiza (Buenos Aires), belonging to the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Argentine football regulator.

In addition, the Boca channel on YouTube will not broadcast live content 24 hours a day, like traditional sports channels. As Pergolini explained, the decision is due to the fact that the initiative focuses on differentiating itself from the journalistic content already available in relation to Boca Juniors. ‘We do not want a 24-hour channel, because we would end up repeating content. I prefer to do it with a channel that broadcasts our content and then continues with its programming, and that the broadcast content remains available on YouTube’, Pergolini reported. Following this broadcasting way, the first live content that was  broadcast on YouTube and, at the same time, through the premium sports channel TNT Sports was a daily newscast, which had the Boca leader as a guest, announcing the news from the new channel, which, as Pergolini explained, will also broadcast exclusively through YouTube, in addition to the newscast and the sports disciplines already mentioned, moments before and after the matches played by Boca Juniors.