BitMe to make Gamescom 2019 live coverage from Germany

BitMe, new Televisa’s recently launched and focus on eSports, video games, technology and geek culture channel, announced it will develop the Gamescom 2019 live coverage, considered the most important video game expo in Europe and the second worldwide.

“With this special coverage, BitMe will be the only specialized media in Latin America that develops the Gamescom 2019 live coverage, on August 21st and 22st, with four fully live programs, including newscasts focused on video games (Zero Control) and technology (WTF)’, explained Luis Luisillo, BitMe’s Director and Production Development Director at Televisa, and added that ‘with this effort, bitMe renews  its commitment to offer its audience the most relevant topics of geek’s universe’.

Gamescom 2019 will be held from August 20th to 24th in Colonia, Germany, and will bring together more than 350 thousand video games fans, to learn about the news of these industry’s leading companies.

Next October 2nd, the first edition of Sportv Series Latin America is taking place for the first time. The conference, organized by Dataxis, will focus on how new technologies are changing the sports business in Latin America with an exclusive panel, called ‘The boom of eSports in Latin America’. Some of the debate’s main topics will  include eSports disruption in the market, their popularity and rentability, and also their multiplatform strategies.