BES & MBC Group join forces to bring ‘Avastars’ to MENA

Dubai-based Blue Engine Studios (BES) has signed a deal with MBC Group for the Arabic version of Talpa’s music and dance talent show titled Avastars. It is the first pre-sale of the show, which will launch in Netherlands in April 2022. Produced by Blue Engine Studios, the show will be available on MBC’s channels and its OTT platform Shahid VIP.

Avastars is a show in which human singing talent controls the avastar’s facial expressions and voice, while dancing talent wears a special suit to control the movements of the avastar’s body and head. Due to the latest state-of-the-art technology, avastars can not only sing and dance very well, but they can also do almost everything a human body can do.

Sebastian van Barneveld, Director of International Sales of Talpa, commented on the project saying: “I am thrilled that the Middle East is the first region to embrace this innovative and groundbreaking format that we so strongly believe in”.

On the other hand, Ali Jaber, Group Director of TV at MBC Group, added: “Here at MBC, we are always looking for innovative and groundbreaking TV formats to bring to the Middle East and North Africa [MENA] region, and Talpa’s Avastars fits the bill. We look forward to working with Talpa and Blue Engine Studios on the Arab version for MBC’s channels – the first format to be screened outside of the Netherlands.” To recall, Avastars is produced by Talpa Entertainment Productions and distributed by Talpa Concepts.