BBC Nigeria launches online platforms in Igbo and Yoruba

Yesterday, the BBC launched its online news service in Nigeria, in Yoruba and Igbo languages. The information was made public by a statement from the British media. With BBC Hausa, the two new services of the group enable it to provide information in the three most spoken languages ​​of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

It should be noted that the teams of BBC Igbo and BBC Yoruba have used the expertise of several academics to “standardize” the writing of both languages. “Yoruba can be very confusing for young readers, because that language has so many inflections. So we use a less complex system to attract them, “says Temidayo Olofinsawo, the editor-in-chief of BBC Yoruba. “This is the first time the Igbo language will be written and broadcast on an international scale,” said Adline Okere, BBC Igbo’s editor-in-chief.

In 2017, the BBC, which is more and more established in Africa, had launched pidgin services, still for Nigeria, but also in Afaan, Oromo and Tigrinya, for the countries of the Horn of Africa.