BBC Lifestyle to expand advertising prospects across Sub-Saharan Africa

BBC Studios is planning to offer advertising opportunities on its BBC Lifestyle channel for clients across sub-Saharan Africa in countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Ethiopia.

As from Sunday, 1 September, advertisers in these countries will be able to influence modern female audiences via a separate BBC Lifestyle commercial feed that will broadcast across sub-Saharan Africa, excluding the South African Development Community (SADC). 

The feed allows advertisers to target client needs through a combination of traditional advertising spots and tailored creative solutions. Sales will be managed by DStv media sales on behalf of BBC Studios. 

Advertisers aiming South African and SADC audiences will be able to reach those exclusive audiences on the BBC Lifestyle feed for those regions. 

BBC Lifestyle’s mix of series include Food, Home, Design, Dating and Romance.

The channel is accessible across sub-Saharan Africa through the DStv Premium, Compact Plus and Compact tiers. 

The advertising account director for Africa of BBC Studios, Sarah-Jane Harling, said, “This is a significant step to offer brands the opportunity to align with BBC Lifestyle’s premium global and local content and [its] extensive reach across sub-Saharan Africa.”

Harling concluded, “With its unique mix of programming, the channel now offers dedicated ad breaks for South Africa and Africa, and remains a very attractive environment for advertisers operating on the continent. It enables BBC Lifestyle to assist brands wanting to specifically reach aspirational households in South Africa, as well as consumers in sub-Saharan Africa, separately.”