Band to broadcast F1 races in Brazil until the end of 2022

As reported by the Folha de São Paulo’s and other specialized websites in Brazil, the Bandeirantes Group has announced this Tuesday, February 9th, an agreement to broadcast Formula 1 races (F1) exclusively in the country, until the end of 2022. The competition’s 2021 season is scheduled to start next March 28th, and will run until December 12th. A total of 23 races will be held this year, one of them in São Paulo, in November.

According to information recently reported by several specialized websites in Brazil, negotiations between Grupo Bandeirantes and Liberty Media, owner of Formula One Group, had taken place since last week. From Band they reported that the 23 races will be broadcast on the FTA TV channel Rede Bandeirantes, and the qualifying races on pay TV, through BandSports, which will also broadcast the Formula 2 and Formula 3 races in Brazil.

‘Brazil is one of the five largest markets in the world in terms of audience and revenues for F1. Broadcasting the competition’s races again after 41 years is a great pride for us’, reported João Saad, President at Rede Bandeirantes.

Globo was in charge of broadcasting F1 races in Brazil since 1972, and uninterruptedly since 1981. For the 2021 season, the Brazilian group failed to run an agreement to renew the rights with Liberty Media, and ended its relationship with the company on December 31st, 2020. The F1 races were broadcast by Globo on pay TV (Sportv) and FTA TV (TV Globo). In Band’s case, the last time the company  has broadcast F1 races was in 1980, and a year later the rights were acquired by Globo.

‘Grupo Bandeirantes congratulates Grupo Globo for its great technical and journalistic quality, which have added value and strengthened the importance of the competition’, new F1 rights holders in Brazil reported.