Bahila TV cultural channel to launch in January 2018 in Central African Republic

On October 4, at the Media Resource Center in Bangui, the project for the installation of a new television channel was presented to the Central African press. The channel, Bahila TV, a cultural television whose launch is planned for January 2018.

According to Peggy Gbassinga, initiator of the project, Bahila TV aims to promote Central African culture. Gbassinga said, “This television channel is open to the international to value and transmit to the new generation Central African cultures. We want to shed light on the long-neglected national cultural pool to attract investors to the Central African Republic.” 

She added, “We will be interested only in the Central African culture which will be promoted through programs, clips and interviews with artists. We will also provide agendas for cultural events.” Until its official launch, Bahila TV is available on its website, where programs are already available.