Baby TV to air on StarTimes

Baby TV, a toddler-parent focused TV station will air on StarTimes starting March 2020. The new kids’ TV show will be filled with series of stories, songs, rhymes and loveable characters, both children and parents to enjoy.



Baby TV provides 24 hours of top-quality content, created by educational experts for under 5’s, in a commercial free environment. The educative show is designed to accompany the family routine and is divided into daytime and night-time broadcasts.

During the day programming is upbeat, with short-form episodes that explore a variety of topics through songs, stories, games and activities. At night Baby TV features gentle visuals accompanied by soft and soothing music.


Among the new exciting, educative and entertaining channels to be aired on StarTimes includes; Fox, Fox Life, National Geographic Channel, National Geographic Wild, ESPN, ESPN 2, National Geographic Channel French, National Geographic Wild French, Fox Portuguese, National Geographic Channel Portuguese, National Geographic Wild Portuguese, and on Baby TV respectively.