AzamTV rolls out new channel ‘U’ exclusive for local content in Uganda

Azam Media Ltd introduced a new Channel ‘’U” an exclusive local entertainment channel on the AzamTV platform channel 362.

The Sales and Marketing Manager of Azam Media Uganda Ltd, Dennis Kalikwani, said, ‘’The channel will be offered to Azamtv subscribers across all its packages (Azam pure at 2.73 USD (UGX 10,000) , Azam Plus at 6.82 USD (UGX 25,000) and Azam play at 10.10 USD (UGX 37,000) as from end of February.’’

Kalikwani declared, ‘’Channel U is a hot new TV channel offering a selection of East African music, Luganda dubbed series, comedy and entertainment shows. Channel U serves as a home for all East African content aimed at fostering collaborations and exporting the East African culture to the rest of the world.”

Channel U will air the first Luganda dubbed series (beautiful strangers) that will be running from Monday to Friday every week at 8:00PM.

AzamTV is part of the Bakhresa Group that has massively invested in both local and international content including sports channels plus a rich variety of movies, news and lifestyle TV offered at very affordable prices right across homes in the region.