AT&T expects to get better offers for DirecTV sale

As reported by The New York Post on December 20th, the telecommunications company AT&T is disappointed with the offers it received for the sale of DirecTV. According to the web version of the US newspaper, at the beginning of this month, AT&T pushed back a deadline for final bids for DirecTV into January, and told prospective bidders it may cancel the auction altogether if it does not get better offers for DirecTV sale.

Likewise, days ago, The Wall Street Journal reported that a new round of offers for DirecTV had been valued at about USD 15 billion, including DTH debt. The newspaper mentioned Churchill Capital Corp. IV; TPG and Apollo Global Management Inc as candidates to acquire the DTH.

In addition, in early November, the US pay TV channel CNBC (NBCUniversal) reported on its website that the auction called by AT&T was valid only for the sale of DirecTV’s operations in the US, and does not include the business of the DTH in Latin America. This way, if the transaction is completed, Sky’s operations in Brazil and DirecTV’s business in the region, controlled by Vrio, will continue to belong to AT&T.