Asharq News launches vertical streaming across its digital platforms

Asharq News and Wildmoka announced its partnership to leverage Auto ReZone solution. This new partnership uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to enable automatic 24/7 and real-time transformation of horizontal layouts to vertical.

Dr Nabeel Al-Khatib, General Manager of Asharq News, said: “The launch of the state-of-art solution is in line with our core priority to provide a seamless and impactful experience for our audiences in the Arab world and beyond through leveraging cutting-edge technology and implementing digital transformation.”

“With this breakthrough solution, we can finally resolve the challenge that has puzzled news broadcasters for years – despite smartphones becoming the primary channels for news consumption, news broadcasters continue to live stream horizontally, something Asharq News have overcame,” announced Steven Cheak, Creative Services and Digital Director at Asharq News.

Offering content in a vertical format is clear. A large majority of people, especially among younger generations, do not turn their devices when watching videos on mobile. This is due to the basic ergonomics of mobile devices that are designed to fit into the palm of the user’s hand. It requires two hands to hold a phone horizontally, so it is more convenient and natural for people to hold smartphones vertically when watching video.