Argentina’s Telefe dominates 2016 TV ratings

For the fifth consecutive year, Argentina’s Telefe was the TV audience leader in 2016 with an average annual rating of 8.9 points, while Canal 13 ranked second with 8.5 points, according to data provided by Ibope.

Telefe, which was acquired by Viacom last year, maintained its leadership thanks to the Brazilian telenovela “Moisés y los Diez Mandamientos” (“Moses and the Ten Commandments”), as well as the local production “Educando a Nina” (“Educating Nina”), among others.

The second most watched channel of the year, Canal 13, reached the top of the ratings during three months (June, July and August) thanks to Marcelo Tinelli’s TV show “Showmatch”. Overall, the two leading channels accounted for 66% of the audience. In third place was America (4.48 points), followed by Channel 9 (2.95) and Public Television Argentina (1.6).

In 2016 the number of viewers fell again, a trend that began in 2004. In 12 years, the total viewership base declined 12.6 average rating points, this is, more than a million and a half less viewers in Capital and Greater Buenos Aires, the areas covered by  Ibope measurements.