Argentina signs health protocol to resume audiovisual productions recordings

The Argentine Independent Producers Television Chamber (CAPIT) and the Argentine Television, Interactive Audiovisual Services and Data Union (SATSAID) signed a sanitary protocol to resume audiovisual productions recordings  in Argentina.

The protocol was signed by Diego Guebel, President of CAPIT, and Horacio Arreceygor, General Manager at SATSAID. It details preventive measures to avoid the spread of Covid-19 (Coronavirus) in work settings and in any place where it is possible to get the virus, and, this way allow to develop audiovisual productions recordings in Argentina. Days ago, Uruguay also announced that it has already resumed its audiovisual productions filming processes.

Some of the measures detailed in the document emphasize, first, that the involved staff must repeat the hand washing procedure at least once an hour during their working day and before leaving the facilities where they are working on. The agreement does not allow any person with symptoms such as fever, cough and / or difficulty breathing to enter the recording or broadcasting set. In addition, distance  between people required by the World Health Organization (WHO) and / or the Argentine Health Ministry must be maintained in all workplaces and common areas, avoiding physical contact.

The agreement also indicates that workplaces will be cleaned and disinfectants will be applied to surfaces that come in contact with the hands, with alcohol, bleach or other products approved for this purpose. Finally, the document mentions the obligatory use of masks for all those workers who are providing their services, except those who appear on the screen while their participation in it lasts.