Argentina suspends migration of pay UHF services

Argentina’s National Communications Agency (Enacom) suspended for two years the migration of pay UHF services operating at frequencies 512-698 MHz to the 12.2 GHz-12.7 GHz band.
Through a resolution published in the Official Gazette, the agency suspended the effects of the measure originally adopted in May 2016, which was modified a few months later.
Initially, Enacom had established that companies that offer pay UHF services through the 600 MHz band (512-698 MHz) would have two years to clear that spectrum and move to the 12 GHz frequencies. The same for companies operating at 700 MHz (698 MHz to 806 MHz).
In July 2016, the agency reorganized the spectrum and established that operators providing services in the 700 Mhz band will migrate to 600 MHz and not to 12 GHz, while companies operating in 600 MHz would have a period of four years to clear the spectrum; and then they would have to migrate to 12 GHz.
In the new resolution, Enacom also reports that it will evaluate the feasibility of having a new destination band for the migration. If such analysis is positive, the entity must arrange a new migration to the band that technically allows to continue with the provision of the pay UHF service under similar conditions.