Argentina launches OTT platform with linear TV and VOD

Argentina’s Federal System of Public Media and Content launched Contar, a new free access OTT platform that integrates live streaming of channels such as TV Pública, Paka Paka, DeporTV and Encuentro, as well as VOD content. The new iniciative was presented during NexTV Series Argentina 2018.
Fernanda Rotondaro, Content Director of the Public Content Secretariat of the Federal Public Media System, together with Mariano Kon, adviser of that same area, explained during the event that the platform will soon integrate more public channels. “We launched the platform today and will have news every week and every month,” said Rotondaro.
Kon said that Contar currently has a library with about 2,000 titles, including content previously available on the CDA (Open Digital Content) platform that had been launched in 2012. According to the executive, the goal is “to bring public media to the XXI century.” Contar is an internal development with technology that adapts the streaming to the broadband quality of the user.
The platform also includes contents of TEC TV, Radio Nacional, Tecnópolis and shows of the Kirchner Cultural Center (CCK). In addition, users will be able to watch live the matches of the 2018 World Cup in Russia, through TV Pública.
Access is restricted only within the country. However, the contents will be available for international distribution in other media and platforms. Contar is available via web and app for iOS and Android.