Argentina enables protocol to reactivate audiovisual productions in Jujuy

Jujuy’s Government (Argentina) approved a protocol to reactivate the audiovisual sector activity, cancelled since March in the country by the Coronavirus pandemic, which will include the possibility that producers from all over the country can develop their projects in the province. The initiative is called ‘Jujuy Filma, Rodaje Responsable’.

‘It is a very complete 14-page protocol, which aims to take care of the health of the people from Jujuy, first, and also that of all the people who arrive at the province: actors, producers and technicians’, said Gerardo Morales, Governor of Jujuy.

The protocol is intended for audiovisual sector workers and related companies, where prevention and protection guidelines are defined to be fulfilled during the pre-production, filming and post-production stages, regardless of their format or genre. Producers and professionals must adapt themselves to the protocol and general safety and hygiene regulations available in the province, and the stafs that arrive will have to remain in quarantine for four days and undergo the PCR test before the beginning of the filming process.

The Province may have security and health agents to control the protocol’s fulfillment, with sanctions provided on the contrary, as officially reported.