Argentina approves protocol for filming and audiovisual recordings during the pandemic period

After declaring telephony, internet and pay TV as ‘essential services’, the Argentine Government presented the ‘General Protocol for the prevention of Covid-19 in fiction filming and / or recordings for cinema, TV and content for audiovisual platforms’, a recommendations guideline for a gradual incorporation to work in the audiovisual production industry in the country. The project was approved by the Argentine Culture Ministry .

The document reports the implementation of information systems, specific protocols, awareness of care and the provision of all necessary elements of personal protection that are adequate for the development of each task. As reported in the protocol, scenes that require physical contact will be part of a special plan, which includes making regular Covid 19 tests on the people involved. Likewise, the protocol suggests a distribution of job positions with rotating shifts, encouraging the provision of remote services when possible, having an alternative plan for eventual deviations from the original schedule and training on the procedures and prevention measures implemented before and during each filming process day.

In addition, no members of the staff, regardless of the area in which they participate, may enter the recording facilities with more than 37.5 ° of body temperature. Those who, due to their work, cannot respect social distance, as well as apply personal protection measures, must ‘be subjected to a more reliable scientific test to exclude the positivity of the virus’, wait for the result and notify the employer. The test will be repeated weekly, or ‘when the time between two days of filming is greater than a considerable time, even without symptoms’.