Arab Telemedia debuted filming of TV series ‘September’s Gold’

Jordan-based production house Arab Telemedia Group has started filming the series titled September’s Gold across several locations in Amman, Jordan.

September’s Gold is one of the first productions that the group started filming for next season. The group recently announced that it will present the Arabic audience with diverse content and context that they have been preparing for almost two years.

The series portrays the effect of the Covid epidemic on people’s life. It tackles the suffering of human beings in times of asylum to meeting those who blossom love into our lives. The series also exploits the aftermath of the pandemic from financial instability to evil opportunism; like human traffickers who rob refugees of a rightful life.

Talal Al-Awamleh, Producer and CEO of Arab Telemedia, commented on the project saying: “The most important success element of television production lies within the ability to capture current events that accompany the major changes that cities and societies are undergoing, which are reflected in the lives of their citizens, and changes in their mentalities and ideologies. This created an important historical opportunity that captures what is current and turns it into an interesting and eventful dramatic story”.