Anatel proves 5G interferences on C band satellite TV in Brazil

Testings developed by  Brazilian regulator Anatel during last months with equipment from different companies and operators proved that 5G network in the 3.5 GHz band causes interferences on C band satellite TV. According to Everton Souza, Engineer at Valvi Solutions -one of the companies that took part of testings developed by Anatel- the interference impact is greater in domestic satellite dishes than in professionals. 

According to the engineer, to avoid interferences between technologies, satellite dishes will have to be replaced by improved versions, although he explained that the measure can result economically uneffective, taking into account that satellite TV is used by low-income families in Brazil, as he detailed to the specialized media Mobile Time. On the other hand, Souza said that the 5G network will be implemented in the main urban centers, where C-band satellite TV is rarely used and, for this reason, the new technology will not affect so many homes at the beginning.

Anatel announced it will bid for the 2.3 GHz and 3.5 GHz bands, which will be required in 5G technology deployment and implementation in the first quarter 2020. In spite the Brazilian regulator has already announced its resolution, it is expected that by mid-2021 operators will be able to install their networks.