Anatel decides how to invest after Brazilian TV digitalization

Last Friday, February 1st, telecommunications companies deadline to submit to  National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) projects to use approximately USD 218.7 million after finishing Brazilian digitizing TV process met. Moisés Moreira, Anatel adviser, said he will wait for the decision of the Union General Advocacy (AGU) to determine how to invest the money.

Moreira explained that there are two different positions to apply the resources, estimated to be between USD 191.3 million and USD 218.7 million: one from Science, Technology, Innovation and Communications Ministry Legal Consultancy, and other from Anatel Prosecutor Office.

Ministry explained that resources should be allocated to broadcasting, since there are municipal broadcasters which do not have digital TV yet. Anatel public prosecutor’s office is based on the bidding of the 700 MHz frequency, which raised money from  mobile telephone operators to pay for TV digitization. The edict states that if there are more resources, they can be applied in projects defined by the agency.

Second option is to use resources in broadband projectos of operators Claro, TIM and Vivo, which paid USD 984 billion for TV digitalization, because TV broadcasters what occupied the spectrum had to be relocated to other frequencies.