Anatel decided to consider the free DTH from Oi and Claro as pay TV

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) announced a 17.7% growth in pay TV operators in the country, which included the free DTHs Oi TV Livre and Claro Livre. It’s the first time that Anatel adds as “subscribers” to households with this type of service with an STB that enables free-to-air TV channels and allows additional pay TV channels to be added.

According to the report, in June 2021 Claro had 737,280 DTH subscribers, while in July the figure more than doubled and reached a total of 1,539,525. For its part, Oi TV was the one that registered the greatest increase, going from 1,659,540 to 3,402,050 DTH clients in just one month.

“By virtue of a decision issued by the Board of Directors of Anatel, through Sentence No. 7, of January 2, 2019, the TV offers known as Oi TV Livre and Claro Livre or similar were considered SeAC and since July 2021 they become part of the subscriber base that Anatel makes available in this Data panel”, the document details.