Anatel and Ancine work together against audiovisual piracy in Brazil

Brazilian National Film Agency (Ancine), together with the country’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel), established a team to evaluate the possible joint regulation of the administrative blocking of websites that distribute audiovisual content without the previous authorization of their owners. The initiative is based on providing more agility and effectiveness in the fight against piracy, since the administrative blocking allows the almost immediate end of damages, without judicial intervention.

As officially reported from Ancine, its professionals staff has been in contact with representatives of entities from England and Portugal, countries where, according to the Brazilian regulator, ‘the administrative blocking actions enabled an estimated reduction of around 70% in the volume of audiovisual piracy on the internet’. The initiative, made up of employees from both Brazilian entities, will make technical reports and produce a Normative Impact Analysis on audiovisual piracy in Brazil. The aim, according to Ancine, is to evaluate a regulation initiative on this issue, together with Anatel.

Part of Ancine’s actions are focused on ‘promoting the fight against  audiovisual content piracy” and part of its goals are aimed at  ‘guaranteeing that copyright on national and foreign audiovisual works is respected’. This way, the entity has been working to implement effective measures against piracy.