Amazon takes the ‘FIFA Gate’ to Prime Video with ‘El Presidente’

Amazon Prime Video today launched the first teaser trailer for ‘El Presidente’, its new original series set in Latin American countries, as well as the US and Europe, which will focus on the story of the 2015 FIFA Gate case.

As officially reported by Amazon, the series, which will be released later this year, focuses on the sports outrage that shocked the world through the story of Sergio Jadue, President of a small Chilean football club, who,  from being an unknown person, became a key footballer in the USD 150 million bribery conspiracy at the hands of former President of the Argentine Football Association (AFA), Julio Grondona.

‘El Presidente will last eight one-hour episodes, and has and its cast includes several Latin American actors, such as Mexican Karla Souza and Paulina Gaitan, Colombian Andres Parra, and others. The series is directed by Natalia Beristain, Gabriel Diaz and the Argentine director and screenwriter Armando Bo, winner of the Oscar for the movie ‘Birdman’, who is also one of the executive producers. ‘El Presidente’ is co-produced by Gaumont with its production partners Fabula, a production company led by Chilean filmmakers Pablo and Juan de Dios Larrain, and Kapow, a producer based in Argentina.