Amazon Prime Video to start premiering original series produced in Latin America

Amazon Prime Video  has announced this Tuesday the launch of the official trailer for ‘Dignidad’, its new original Chilean production. The news is part of a project announced earlier this year, to produce Amazon Originals series in Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

The project consists of four Amazon Originals series, consisting of the Argentine “Iossi, el espía arrepentido”; Chileans ‘La jauria’ and ‘Dignidad’; and the Colombian ‘Noticia de un secuestro’, which will be an adaptation of the homonymous novel written by Gabriel Garcia Márquez. Likewise, ‘Noticia de un secuestro’ will be the second adaptation of a best seller written by Garcia Márquez on a digital platform, since Netflix is ​​working on an adaptation of ‘Cien años de soledad’.

As officially reported, ‘Dignidad’ is set in southern Chile and tells the story of a mysterious Germanic cult called ‘Colonia Dignidad’, founded by a former Nazi soldier, Paul Schäfer, and the challenge it means to a young lawyer to bring him to Justice. The series was inspired by real events that took place in the 90s,  a period in which the practices that took place in the town known as Villa Baviera and protected by the Augusto Pinochet’s dictatorial period were discovered.

Dignidad will feature eight episodes, all of which will be available on Prime Video as of November 13th, and which were directed by Chilean Julio Jorquera. ‘Dignidad’ was made in Chile by the film and TV production company Invercine & Wood, and by the German production company Story House Pictures, in co-production with the CNTV TV fund and the Mega  pay TV channel, where episodes will be broadcasted weekly.