Amazon Prime Video to launch its second Brazilian production this month

‘Soltos em Floripa’, the second Amazon Prime Video production in Brazil, will be officially launched on the platform next March 20th. With eight one-hour episodes and produced by Floresta, the project consists of a reality show, which will meet eight participants from different regions of the country in Florianopolis, where they will enjoy a fun season while they live together.

Amazon also announced that six celebrities (mainly from the music and social networks worlds) will have a special participation in the series, and will be on a panel watching and making comments on all the episodes. The celebrities panel comments will be part of each episode, which will be released weekly, on Fridays. In addition, ‘Soltos em Floripa’ will have an additional episode called ‘Soltos em Floripa: A Resenha’, which will be released every Tuesday, and will show the reactions of celebrities to events that happen in the house. These episodes will last 30 minutes.

Once released in Brazil, ‘Soltos em Floripa’ will be launched globally, in more than 200 countries and territories, in July. The series is the second Prime Video production in the country, which adds to ‘Tudo ou Nada: Seleção Brasileira’, announced in July 2019.