Amazon Prime Video premieres new Chilean production in July in Spain and Latin America

As announced by Amazon Prime Video at the beginning of the year, the OTT will premiere the series ‘La Jauria’, the company’s original production in Chile, on July 10th in Spain and Latin America. As reported, the series will feature eight episodes of almost an hour and was produced by Fabula, together with Fremantle and Argentine Kapow as associate producer, in partnership with Chile’s TVN channel and the National Television Council (CNTV) from that country.

“’La Jauría’ tells the story of the disappearance of a young woman from a Catholic school who is protesting and, unknowingly, becomes the center of a police investigation that exposes a deadly online game that recruits men to commit aggressive acts against women, discovered when a video of her own experience goes viral after she disappears’, reports Amazon Prime Video about its new production’s plot.

The series is directed by the Argentine Lucia Puenzo, with Nicolas Puenzo, Marialy Rivas and Sergio Castro. Some of the Chilean actors who will star ‘La Jauria’ will be Daniela Vega, Antonia Zegers and María Gracia Omegna, along with Mariana Di Girolamo, Antonia Giesen, Paula Luchsinger, Alberto Guerra, Marcelo Alonso and Francisco Reyes.