Amazon Prime Video launches its second original production in Brazil next year

Amazon Prime Video announced the reality show ‘Soltos em Floripa’, its second original production in Brazil, planned to be launched in 2020, and produced by Brazilian producer Floresta. The reality brings together eight participants from different regions of the country in a Florianopolis house, where they will enjoy a fun season while they live together.

‘When we set out from Prime Video to create a new reality show for Brazil, we wanted to make a show different from everything that has been seen before’, said Malu Miranda, Head of International Originals Brazil at Amazon Studios. From Floresta they have also expressed themselves on the new production through Elisabetta Zenatti, its Managing Director. ‘We are honored and proud to produce the first original Amazon Prime Video reality show in Brazil. We believe that the series is fantastic from every point of view. The creative exchange with the Amazon team has been very stimulating and productive, and led us to a unique result’, she said.

Soltos em Floripa joins Tudo ou Nada: Seleção Brasileira, which was announced in mid-July, and was the first  Amazon’s original production in Brazil.