Amazon Prime Video is now available for Tigo’s fixed and mobile clients in Colombia

Tigo became the first operator in Colombia to make Amazon Prime Video’s offer available to its Home user base. The company’s customers will be able to access the platform from different devices, including computer, tablets, smart TVs, video game consoles and mobile phones. Amazon Prime Video offers its customers access to its movies and series catalog in 4K resolution.

‘Our customers are convergent ones. They want to access to video content at various times a day, either from their mobile phones, or from the comfort of their homes, in front of the TV set. So, we are proud to make the Amazon Prime Video platform available for more than one million potential homes in the country’, said Marcelo Cataldo, Tigo’s President. 

Tigo makes the Amazon Prime Video catalog available for homes that features the company’s fixed services, including an at least 10 megabytes internet speed. ‘Those Tigo’s clients who hire the  Amazon Prime Video offer will be able to enjoy it for free, for a three-month period. Then, they will have a 50% discount from the next six months, and, as of the tenth one, the platform’s monthly subscription will cost COL$ 14,900 (USD 4)’, Cataldo explained. 

Tigo’s customers in Colombia will be able to download Prime Video’s content on their devices through Prime Video app, and watch them without any data consumption. Contents can be watched on up to three devices at the same time. The platform’s monthly subscription will be charged to each client’s monthly invoice.