Amazon Prime Video agrees with Argentina’s open TV signal for the premiere of Maradona: Sueño Bendito

Amazon Prime Video made an agreement with the open TV signal from Argentina, Canal 9, to broadcast live the premiere event and the first episode of Maradona: Sueño Bendito, the new series based on the life of the popular soccer player. As reported by the streaming service, the other nine episodes will be released weekly exclusively through the OTT.

On Thursday, October 28th, the Argentine channel will be the host screen for the arrival of Diego Armando Maradona’s biopic, after its premiere was repeatedly delayed due to legal issues and claims triggered by the late footballer’s close circle. In this way, Canal 9 will attract a large number of viewers, while at the same time it will drive a huge promotion for Prime Video content.

Previously, the streaming platform had already established an agreement of the same type with the Wapa-TV signal of Puerto Rico, when it launched Súbete a Mi Moto, the series based on the story of the youth band Menudo, from which the famous Puerto Rican singer, Ricky Martin, came out..