Altice Dominicana and Claro ask Indotel to investigate illegal streaming companies

The companies Altice Dominicana and Claro sent a statement to the Telecommunications Dominican Institute Board of Directors (Indotel) President, in which they request to renegotiate the non-inclusion of illegal streaming services in the local market.

Both companies defined Blue Max as one of the main reasons that led them to send the statement. It is a streaming platform with an about 1.200 live and HD channels, movies and series compatible with several TV models and devices. ‘We are very concerned about the growth that this product’s sale is having in the country, which has all kinds of channels available competing with cable TV services offered by Altice Dominicana and Claro, for which we pay large amounts of money for the contents to be broadcast’, said the statement sent to Indotel.

The three main claims that Claro and Altice made against Blue Max are focused on the fact that it did not present the necessary procedures to the regulator to offer the product. Secondly, according to the companies, Blue Max’s contents do not pay the distribution rights to suppliers and, finally, they expressed that the service does not pay taxes as other companies do, also including TV services in its offer.