Alianza Capitales launches new TVOD OTT in Costa Rica with titles from the main companies in the industry

Costa Rican company Alianza Capitales has launched a new OTT, which it calledSoy.TV’. The platform works under the TVOD model, and brings together an on demand content catalog from the main film production companies in the industry, including Sony, Universal Studios, Paramount Pictures, Metro Goldwyn Mayer -recently acquired by Amazon-, Lionsgate, and others. Up to now, access is only available in Costa Rica.

The first step required to access Soy.TV’s catalog is to enter its web version and register as a client. Once whoever wishes to enter has their active account, they can choose to recharge their credit using credit or debit cards, or recharge it at allowed sale points. When the recharge has been completed, those who access will be able to rent their favourite titles. In addition, from Soy.TV they report that it is possible to access their offer from computers, laptops and mobile devices, including cell phones and tablets with iOS and Android operating system. Apart from that, the app is available for download on Google Play and Apple Store. Values ​​to rent the available titles are between ¢ 1,500 (USD 2.5) and ¢ 2,000 (USD 3). 

‘We have the  licenses so that our clients can enjoy the best of cinema in HD, with the possibility of paying only for the movie they want to watch, at the best price’, explained Javier Leon, Executive Director at  Alianza Capitales.

Soy.TV’s technological development was in charge of the Spanish company Fractal Media, with offices in Madrid and Miami. The company focuses on creating video technology solutions for media companies, and its core business is focused on the development of OTT platforms, multi-device applications, CDN services for media, video solutions and digital marketing.