African streaming and TV platform, Wi-flix rolls out special packages for Safaricom subscribers in Kenya

Wi-flix, an online streaming platform offering exclusive African & international content, TV channels and sports entertainment has been rolled out in Kenya. The SVOD platform is making its entry in the Kenyan market with a special offer for Safaricom subscribers, who can benefit from an unlimited premium content with daily, weekly and monthly packages starting from Ksh 50 (0.46 USD) via payment through M-Pesa or card payment.

The streaming service was launched by two young Africans with over three decades experience in the telecom, entertainment, TV & content industry. Wi-flix will offer subscribers in Africa and the diaspora over 20,000 hours of entertainment on demand and 10 Live TV channels at an affordable entry price point of $5.99 a month.

The Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer of Wi-flix, Louis Manu, commented on the launch of the service, “Today we are witnessing the historic birth of a global video on demand service offering distinctive and representative content for the African and diaspora market.  Over the last several months, the team at Wi-flix has spent an enormous amount of time understanding the needs of consumers on the continent.  Our target market wants relatable, exciting and evocative content. They want movies and TV series that tell their story and resonate with them. And that is exactly what Wi-flix is about – original and representative content for the African and diaspora market available on demand anywhere, anytime and on any device. We are delighted to be launching in Kenya with a connectivity agreement with Safaricom, a regional telecom giant, to make this service available to subscribers on the network through M-Pesa to democratize premium content for Kenyans and the rest of the continent”.

The Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Wi-flix, Bright Yeboah, stated, “From a content play point of view, Wi-flix has a collection of some of the best titles purposely for our audience. Our partnership with content providers such as TRACE, Rushlake Media GmbH Anronet and MediaGuru Consultants Pvt. Ltd allow us to provide subscribers with the most diverse content at the most competitive rate.”

On the other hand, the Country Director for Wi-flix in Kenya, Anthony Mugendi, said, “Access to premium content at affordable price points is exactly what the majority of Kenyans are looking for. Through our delectable offering, subscribers to the Wi-flix service can access thousands of hours of tailor-made content through a daily, weekly or monthly bundle for as low as Ksh 50 (0.46 USD). To get started, subscribers can simply signup online at and download the Wi-flix App on Play Store. The best part is you can subscribe through Safaricom’s M-Pesa and debit or credit cards”.