African Drama Series ‘Nganya’ now available on Kwesé iflix

The new original African drama series produced by Nice Githinji, ‘Nganya’ was launched on Kwesé iflix last month to users across Africa. The new show is a thirteen-part drama series full action and done in Sheng with an option of English subtitles.

Produced by Assignments Studios, Nganya is a Swahili drama focused around the matatu business in Nairobi’s Eastlands. The public transport industry in Kenya can be related to cartels, crime, drugs, prostitution and heavily corrupt police involvement. Gathee, the taxi driver, and his conductor, Jamoe, run a twenty-seven-seater van, commonly known as Nganya, on a route in Eastland’s, the crime Centre of Nairobi City. Gathee is the experienced one and Jamoe the rookie, while not always the best of friends, they have created a good working relationship in order to survive.

Githinji stated, “It wasn’t an easy sell, most of the stations told me that it was not what they wanted. Others told me to change the content to be a little friendlier. I thank Kwesé iflix for believing in our work and picking the series.”

The year 2018 marks the launch of Kwesé iflix’s original programming with an array of local scripted drama, raw stand-up comedy, plus pan-regional alternative news and live coverage.

Kwesé iflix offers a seamless mobile experience to millions of viewers, the app provides users a complete mobile internet TV experience that comprises of thousands of hours of top-quality international and local movies and TV shows.