Aflik TV is now on Amazon Prime

The talented African artiste, Budikusu’s single Sangolo is featured on Aflik TV with his recent music video. Aflik TV is one of the largest producers and distributors of Nollywood movies and African inspired content. 

Born in Ghana, Budukusu, is Ghana’s fastest rapper who has also introduces his native language, Twi to his songs. At an early stage of his musical career, he was instrumental in combining Twi and Root African vibes which later became his own genre called Tongue twisting. Famouns in Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, the US and also the other African countries, Budukusu has captured hearts by featuring his new single on Amazon Prime.

The artist shares. “we want other cultures to enjoy the versatility. Budukusu is the only musician to record a13 tracked album on the same rhythm, and we will love for people to check that out. We knew Aflik TV, and Media Today Agenci would be a great partnership”.

President and CEO of Aflik TV state, “We have many talented musicians we want to help expand their fanbase. It was a great synergy to connect with Bakus Records and Budukusu.”