Abu Dhabi Media and Television of Kuwait to exchange archiving material

The television of Kuwait represented by the Kuwait Ministry of Information and the Abu Dhabi Media company, ADMC, signed an agreement of understanding and collaboration to facilitate the exchange of archiving material. 

This agreement launching will be marked by the immediate search of some material belonging to the Television of Kuwait at the Abu Dhabi Tv archives. The Kuwaiti archiving material include a collection of documentaries and TV serials and episodes which date back to the 1990s. 

Ali Bin Tamim, ADMC Director-General said, “The agreement comes as part of the ADMC’s keenness to strengthen bonds for strategic collaboration with different media institutions in the Arab world and meet public needs for edutainment in a fast-changing world. Bin Tamim also added that this move reiterates Abu Dhabi Media’s endeavours to create strategic media partnerships in the country and across the Gulf region by ensuring an effective exchange of expertise and knowledge. 

Abu Dhabi TV Network holds one of the Arab world’s largest TV libraries incorporating thousands of archiving material documenting significant milestones and junctures in the history of the UAE and the Arab region at large since the 1950s in addition to myriad and rare Gulf TV drama episodes and programmes.