e.TV rolls out new exciting TV shows in Ghana

e.TV Ghana is rolling out the first phase of refreshing entertainment shows, the ‘Gong Gong Beater’ and ‘SHOPPING ON e’.

‘Gong Gong Beater’ will be hosted by comedian Araba Attah where she will discuss the issues of the coronavirus safety protocols and her take on the recent presidential updates on COVID-19. The show will also have a special segment with ‘Madam Common Sense’ who gives advice on simple life activities in a comical manner.     


‘SHOPPING ON e’ on the other hand will be the first-ever shopping show on TV in Ghana which will provide retail giants with fantastic opportunity to sell their merchandise to its potential customers.

Programmes Manager for e.TV Ghana, Nosisa Doe said: “e.TV Ghana has always been committed to bringing viewers quality entertainment. However, we do this in line with new trends to meet the needs of our audience. We know that in the wake of the coronavirus, COVID-19 has caused a closedown of some shops and for the few that are still standing, a huge reduction in sales rate. Also, Coronavirus has brought about some tension in the country and this is why ‘Gong Gong Beater’ and ‘SHOPPING ON e’ as part of the new programming have been introduced to give viewers a comic relief from all the serious issues in the country”.