Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia not to charge football premium pack

The premium local football pack, available in several Latin American countries to access local football leagues – temporarily cancelled by the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic – will not be charged in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay. Pay TV operators that offer the premium pack charge it in advance and, for this reason, customers will get the service subscription value in the May fee.

In Chile, Turner owns the local football broadcasting rights, and airs the competition through the Canal de Futbol, who officially announced today that, throughout April, CDF HD, CDF Premium and the OTT Estadio CDF will be available for free in the country’s pay TV operators. In addition, an agreement was recently run between the Professional Football National Association (ANFP) and Turner to broadcast one football match of the Chilean League per week on FTA TV, through Chilevision.

In Argentina, the operators that broadcast the Copa de la Superliga -name that the current professional football league has in the country – will not charge the cost of the Football Pack to their subscribers either. As reported by the local newspaper La Nacion, Argentine Government executives met with referents from Fox / Disney and Turner, in charge of broadcasting matches from the 2017-18 season, with the creation of the Copa de la Superliga, to make the decision. DirecTV announced this week that it will not charge the pack, and Cablevision made the same decision, which also applies to Telecentro and the rest of the pay TV operators. Argentine football matches are broadcast on Fox Sports Premium and TNT Sports channels.

In Uruguay, as reported by the local newspaper El Observador, pay TV operators DirecTV, Cablevision, Montecable, TCC and Nuevo Siglo, which offer local football matches through a premium offer, will not charge it during April. The owner of the local league’s TV rights is Tenfield, which broadcasts the tournament on its VTV and VTV + channels.

In the case of Colombia, recently Win Sports+, Win Sports premium option, officially reported that it will not charge the April subscription to its customers -as it did not do in March-. As the channel officially reported, Win Sports requested in advance to TV operators ‘not to charge April subscription for the premium channel users and also to announce them about the measure, which will be effective even if football resumes during  that month’.