Monthly Archives: December 2021

Group Vivendi Africa launched CanalBox in the DRC

Group Vivendi Africa (GVA), the French media giant set up to develop telecoms in Africa, has signed a new agreement project with the Minister in charge of Posts, Telecommunications, and New Information and Communication Technologies, Augustin Kibassa Maliba, to launch Canalbox in the DRC Region, which will offer internet connection 100% fiber-optic broadband. Augustin Kibassa [...]

Larry Allen of Comcast Advertising predicted that “Addressable will ultimately be the way that we deliver all TV” in Nextv Ad USA

“When you´re just thinking about frequency mitigation on a campaign, addressable will ultimately be the way that we deliver all TV“, Larry Allen, Vice President and General Manager of Addressable Enablement at Comcast Advertising, said during his participation in the panel The new world of national Addressable TV advertising on Pay TV, in the first [...]

Larry Allen de Comcast Advertising predijo que “La tecnología Addressable será el medio para proveer toda la TV” en Nextv Ad USA

Cuando uno piensa en la mitigación de frecuencia en campañas de publicidad, se puede pensar que la tecnología Adressable será el medio para proveer toda la TV, sostuvo Larry Allen, Vicepresidente y Gerente General de Addressable Enablement de Comcast Advertising, durante su participación en el panel El nuevo mundo del Addressable TV advertising nacional en [...]