Monthly Archives: December 2021

Zenith: Digital advertising investment to exceed 60% of global spending by 2022

The marketing and advertising agency Zenith revealed in its latest report that it forecasts a growth in investment in advertising in digital media, which by 2022 will reach 61.5% of total spending, the highest figure it would have reached so far. In addition, he predicted that global ad spend will continue to rise, and after [...]

Conmebol impone cláusula anti-rescisión para derechos de Copa Libertadores desde 2023

La Confederación Sudamericana de Fútbol (Conmebol) creó una cláusula anti-rescisión para avanzar con las negociaciones por los derechos de transmisión de la Copa Libertadores y que incluirá en la próxima licitación, que regirá a partir de 2023. Según estipula la cláusula, si la empresa ganadora de los derechos decide romper el contrato antes de que [...]

Zenith: Inversión en publicidad digital superará 60% del gasto global en 2022

La agencia de marketing y publicidad Zenith reveló en su último informe que prevé un crecimiento de la inversión en publicidad en medios digitales, que para 2022 llegará a 61,5% del gasto total, la cifra más alta que habría alcanzado hasta ahora. Además, pronosticó que la inversión publicitaria global continuará en aumento, y luego de [...]

SPI international inks deal with Axian Group to expand its footprint in Africa

SPI/FilmBox has signed a new distribution deal with Axian Group to bring four channels from its portfolio, available in Madagascar, Comoros and Togo on Telma TV and Togocom TV. In the operators premium packages, subscribers will be able to access FilmBox Africa, FilmBox Adrthouse, DocuBox and FightBox. Georgina Twiss, Managing Director, Western Europe & Africa [...]

Bolivia moves analog blackout to 2024

Bolivia’s analog blackout, which had originally been arranged for November 2021, was once again moved by the Nation’s cabinet of ministers, which agreed that the process will have its first phase in the cities of Cochabamba, La Paz and Santa Cruz de la Sierra, on November 30, 2024. By the agreed date, all operators must [...]