Monthly Archives: October 2021

SA Government to provide subsidised TV decoder

Qualifying households have been urged to apply for a free government-subsidised decoder (set-top box) at their local post office. During the 2021 state of the nation address, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa must complete the migration to digital broadcast by March 31, 2022. Johan Kruger, Communications Manager at SA Post Office, expressed her [...]

Abu Dhabi Media unveiled Majid Universe app

State broadcaster Abu Dhabi Media has expanded the distribution of its childrens brand Majid with the launch of Majid Universe, an app that takes some of the Arab regions favourite cartoon characters to the digital age. Available on iOS and Android devices and Apple TV, via monthly and annual subscriptions, the Majid Universe app will [...]

Netflix and HBO Max have the largest offer in Spanish according to Reelgood study

Netflix and HBO Max are the platforms with the largest Spanish offer in the United States among the five largest OTTs, according to a study carried out by the streaming guide Reelgood. Furthermore, the analysis found that the Latin market in North America is fragmented but has one of the fastest growing demographics in the [...]

CONMEBOL and Globo end legal fight over Copa Libertadores broadcasting contract

The Brazilian free-to-air TV channel Globo and the South American soccer organization CONMEBOL reached an agreement after the legal fight over the termination of the Copa Libertadores broadcasting contract. After the ending of the arbitration in Switzerland, where the judicial process began, the broadcaster will be able to re-negotiate the rights. Last year, the institution [...]

Totalplay launches “Club TotalPlay Wi-Fi” to access the network from modems of other users in Mexico

Mexican operator TotalPlay launched a new internet network concept that allows subscribers to connect to the modem signal of other users of the service. Club TotalPlay Wifi allows each client to enable their equipment as a gateway for other devices, without affecting their broadband or putting their private information at risk. “The Club TotalPlay Wi-Fi [...]

Netflix y HBO Max tienen la mayor oferta en español según estudio de Reelgood

Netflix y HBO Max son las plataformas con más oferta en español en Estados Unidos entre las cinco OTTs más grandes, según anunció un estudio realizado por la guía de streaming Reelgood. Además, el análisis sostuvo que el mercado latino en América del Norte está fragmentado pero tiene una de las demografías de más rápido [...]

CONMEBOL y Globo terminan pelea legal por contrato de transmisión de Copa Libertadores

La señal de TV abierta brasileña TV Globo y la organización CONMEBOL de fútbol Sudamericano llegaron a un acuerdo tras la reñida pelea legal por la rescisión del contrato de transmisión de la Copa Libertadores. Tras haber finalizado el arbitraje en Suiza, sede del tribunal donde se inició el proceso judicial, la emisora podrá volver [...]