Monthly Archives: February 2020

Megacable ends 2019 with more than 800 thousand Xview subscribers and almost 5 million distributed STBs

In its Q4 2019 quarterly results report, Megacable officially reported that its OTT Xview recorded 111 thousand net additions during the period, to reach 827 thousand subscribers at the end of 2019. The figure, according to the company’s report, means a 15.4% growth in relation to Q3 2019. On the other hand, the Mexican group [...]

Netflix realizará sus dos primeras producciones originales en Perú

Netflix anunció que realizará una película y una serie en Perú, que serán sus dos primeras producciones originales en el país. Se prevé que ambos proyectos sean estrenados en 2021. Con la novedad, el OTT continúa expandiendo su plan de producciones originales en América Latina: recientemente anunció nuevas producciones en Argentina, y tiene previsto el [...]

Netflix to develop its first two original productions in Peru

Netflix announced that it will make a film and a series in Peru, which will be its first two original productions in the country. Both projects are expected to be released in 2021. With these news, the OTT continues to expand its original production plan in Latin America: it has recently announced new productions in [...]

Netflix announces first Nigerian original series

Netflix is stepping up its game in Nigeria with the arrival of new Twitter account Netflix Naija. “N is for Naija. N is for Nollywood, read the account’s announcement tweet. “N is the 14th alphabet. 14 is also how many great talents you’re looking at. N is for Netflix. But most importantly…hello, Nigeria!” The tweet [...]

Liquid Telecom rolls out ‘Liquid Home’ fibre broadband in Rwanda

Liquid Telecom Rwanda, part of pan-African telecoms group Liquid Telecom, has rolled out Liquid Home, which is describe as ‘affordable super-fast broadband’. This announcement coincides with the company’s re-brand of its retail arm from Hai to Liquid Home. The service means residents of Kigali can benefit from affordable Affordable 24/7 internet connectivity, unlimited data across [...]

StarTimes launches new Nollywood channel ‘ST Nollywood F’

StarTimes launches exclusive Nollywood channel ST Nollywood F on its platform on February 28. ST Nollywood F is a premium channel that will offer Nollywood blockbuster movies, French-language African movies, series as well as urban African music and entertainment shows. It will feature blockbuster films such as The Wedding Party, which broke the record revenue [...]

Searchlight y ForgeLight adquirirán la mayoría accionaria de Univisión

Después de varias semanas de especulaciones en torno a su venta, Univisión confirmó que Searchlight y ForgeLight adquirirán el 64% de sus acciones, mientras que Televisa conservará el 36% restante, además del Acuerdo de Licencia de Programación que tiene con la compañía estadounidense. Wade Davis, ex-CFO de Viacom, asumirá la dirección ejecutiva de Univisión una [...]

Searchlight and Forgelight to take Univision majority stake

After several weeks of speculation about a possible sale, Univision confirmed that Searchlight and ForgeLight will acquire 64% of its shares, while Televisa will retain the remaining 36%, in addition to the Programming License Agreement it has with the US company. Wade Davis, former Viacom CFO, will be in charge of Univisions executive direction once [...]

Millicom finaliza 2019 con 3,5 millones de clientes de cable

En la presentación de resultados trimestrales correspondientes al Q4 2019, Millicom -que opera en Latinoamérica bajo la marca Tigo-, reportó haber agregado 63 mil clientes de HFC durante el período, y 351 mil durante 2019, para alcanzar un total de 3,5 millones de clientes HFC al finalizar el año. Además, detalló que en su negocio [...]

Millicom ends 2019 with 3.5 million cable customers

On its Q4 2019 results report, Millicom -which operates in Latin America under the Tigo brand-, reports to have added 63 thousand HFC customers in the period and 351 thousand  during the year, to reach 3.5 million at the year-end. In addition, the company informed that, in its residential cable business, it expanded its HFC [...]